How Sensory Activities Benefit Children With Disabilities


Everyone knows that our five senses – sight, touch, taste, and sound – play a vital function in the development of our brains. This is why sensory play is very important in repairing and strengthening our children’s minds and forming strong building blocks for learning in the years to come. Something that contributes to this type of development is speaking to a licensed professsional like those found here.

Assisting A Beloved To Deal With Visual Impairment


The temperament of an individual who lives with visual impairment varies depending on how they lost their sense of sight. In case it’s a condition they were born with, coping with the situation won’t be that difficult since they grew up that way. However, if the loss of vision is a result of an accident or an ailment that took place when the person was older, it may be too big of a pill to swallow.

Helpful Gadgets for the Visually Impaired


Whenever I see a friend getting riled up over the most mundane things like missing a concert or chipping a fingernail, it annoys me. Some people live their lives with disabilities they may never recover from, yet you don’t hear them whine that much. Instead, these heroes make do with the talents they possess and hope for the best. This incredible courage they show, in truth, may have propelled scientists to invent gadgets that can be useful for them, especially for the visually impaired folks.

Game Apps For The Blind

A lot of you may be scratching your head right now upon reading the title. Can you imagine a blind holding a smartphone and playing? Can you imagine an individual who is blind sitting in a corner playing a video game? Yes, this headline may make you read the title twice.


Blindness imposes a lot of limitations on the person, especially to those who had a clear eyesight before everything went black. It can be depressing for the parents who see their child who has visual impairment looking at nowhere. Everything that a person sees will require a lot of imagination skills for someone who is blind to witness the same.

Where does the blind stand in the modern age?

The boom of technologies is associated with the rise of modern entertainment. People with vision-impairment are limited with this surge of technology. One will most likely associate enjoyment with visual entertainment. Ask a child what it is, and the words video games or Play Store applications will fill your ears.

But some game developers had something in mind for the blind. Super Mario  64, a video game known to children before, offered something innovative for the visually impaired players. It used the auditory aspect of the players, incorporating elaborate sound cues in every part of the game. It focused more on the sound clues and musical effects.

What is the logic behind the games for the blind?

Echoing distant sounds, footsteps thumps, the increasing volume of simulated gunshot music effects are just some of the sound cues that developers put more emphasis. Stereo sounds paired with noise canceling headphones make this audio-led gaming more virtual.

On the other hand, some game developers simulate an audio-gaming experience where the main character is indeed blind. The way the players control their characters in the game is just the usual. They can use specified keys in the keyboard or even the console.


The main logic behind this alternative to visual entertainment is that ears act as eyes. The sounds replace images. The players navigate their way inside the game using only the auditory senses. Game developers and designers don’t focus on the visuals of the game.

Where can one find these gaming applications?

Favorite game and application downloading sites offer these games for free nowadays. Surely, you won’t need an Xbox, Ps4 or any gaming consoles to have these. A smartphone and a good pair of earphones (if not noise-canceling) will do.

Not just games but smartphone applications also use the logic behind these games. There are now free downloadable apps that read messages for a blind person (even news and statuses on social media sites!). There are also these “push and talk” apps that make communication more manageable for your visually-impaired friends.

In fact, every application of a typical user’s smartphone can be used by the blind with the audio-led concept of the games. With this way, it should not be surprising when you see a person with visual impairment using touch screen phones and tablets today.


It is quite amusing and fascinating that software and application developers do not just target a majority of the modern technology users. People with a visual impairment may not see these modern facilities, but feeling and hearing the new world should be considered the next big thing.

If your child is still struggling with coping from his or her condition, it is safe to consider consulting mental health professional or visiting BetterHelp for advice and consultation.

Knowing Sensory Processing Disorder


Nowadays, numerous parenting styles are employed by parents in order to provide their children with a balanced environment for self-growth and discipline; However, despite many studies on rearing and parenting. Any average parents would still encounter moments of doubts and anxiety about their parenting styles and if they are disciplining their children accordingly.

The Buzz On Hearing Aids

In this age of constantly changing times where we get upset if our phones do not do anything new in six months, it is easy to forget how things used to be; When you think about how fast that we are advancing it is amazing. There was a time where a thousand years could go by without any significant technological change. There were easily three thousand years where horses were the fastest means of travel. In similarity, there were three hundred years where hearing aids did not change at all. Most likely there are not many people who remember the Trumpet Age of Hearing Aids, but this will be the focus of discussion for this article today.


Aids Now VS Aids Hundred Years Ago                                                         







Assistive Devices In The Classroom



One thing that always shocks me when I look further into is how well developed our assistive devices are today. When you look into the past, as we will soon, you will learn that kids or people with any disabilities just were not cared for. We must realize that the world was a very relentless space a near hundred years ago for those who were not deemed as “normal.” Remember that we are all one incident from being disabled and be grateful that you live in the era where everyone is considered normal.

Assistive Devices In The Kitchen



This is just something that I do not get to hear often discussed by either consumers or inventors to which this article is trying to call to both. There are just hardly any assistive devices in the past nor in the future for the kitchen. Sadly this is what the outcry from people living with difficulties has been calling for since they have to have other people make their food. There is nothing that is worse than feeling powerless in your own life, but hopefully, you will have a small understanding of it by the end of this article.

The World Of Assistive Devices



We take for granted how we are always one stroke away from losing one of our senses. Thankfully we live in a world where these disabilities will not hinder you as much as they would have a hundred years prior. If you never took a moment to appreciate this simple fact, then at least now learn more about the assistive that made this possible. You will never know when you might need one.

Sensory Aids

Sensory Aids

Sensory aids have become vastly important for millions of people worldwide. From those losing their sight to hearing problems, people needing sensory help and support continue to rise, and sensory aids have a crucial place in society. You might not think about it but there are many different and varied sensory aids available today. They can each play a crucial part in someone’s life and they really are more affordable than ever before.  Read on to find just a few sensory aids and why they might be needed.

Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is probably one of the most common sensory aids available today and yet it’s very much needed. People can be born with a loss of hearing or have accidents which can cause temporary or long-term hearing problems in one or both ears. Age can also play its part which is why hearing aids are very much needed. They amplify the sound around a person and produce the sound within their ear louder so that they can understand and hear what people are saying. The person talking doesn’t need to shout and the one with the hearing problems can be made to feel comfortable with their surroundings.